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Vasaria - Dying Angel lyrics

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Dying Angel by Vasaria

Dying Angel
Twilight comes, yet we've just begun.
A million dreams dreamt, a million more.
I was once confused but now I've come to know,
All you could ever be to me is only skin deep.
So bide your time with me and take my hand,
You heart acher, breath taker,
Forever skin deep....
Twilight comes yet we've just begun,
In despite of the truth, you have no soul.
Alive on this earth for love with a woman like you,
I've lost all control of what's really real.
What's left for me? Will I ever come to grips,
With myself and with you and with love only skin deep.
But perhaps a day will come,
When we can be one and we can be whole.
But until then...

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