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Limb From Limb Lyrics

Vanity Theft


Limb From Limb Song Lyrics

Limb From Limb by Vanity Theft

Tongue dripping with disdain, I wake
And I'm rising to my feet
I've got a taste for blood and it's only yours
That's gonna do it, do it, do it for me.

I'm gonna feed those lions
Watch them tear this limb from limb
You'll spend your whole life tryin'
To forgive yourself for what you did x2

They don't know you like I do
You are the back of my hand
But in this light they might still be
Mistaken, takin' you you for a man

Well I suggest you
Grow a spine before
You lay yourself to sleep

'Cause God forbid you wake
To find that you
Have sown nothing to reap


And while you're traveling the coast
I hope the wind is at your back
'Cause you'll be carrying my ghost
And nothin' will save you of that.

Carry it, carry it, carry it, On your way to bury it, bury it, bury it, Carry it, carry it, carry it, Gonna have to marry it, marry it, marry it.


And those who give up
They only get what they deserve


And you don't even want to know
How little I have got to lose
'Cause everything ends just where it begins
And this one began with you

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