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Vangelis - Etude Of Sorrow lyrics

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Etude Of Sorrow by Vangelis

A palace falls beneath my feet
As this bitter man unfolds and weeps
Years of tragedy soak deep
And I cannot believe this man who tells me of my world's end
It's truth that leads the mind astray like subtle lies we turn away
And hungry minds search skies of truth
As ancient scrolls deny our youth
And fields of gold seem frail and old
While peasants rise this throne turns cold
This throne turns cold
Hear me I'm needing you
To come home from the other side!
A shit facade of a desperate man
Seeks a way for society to pay him back
But this lonely clown like a hundred more
Fall in line just to be another TV whore
But we can't survive without the media hive
Giving in to the stereotype with stubborn pride!
Hear me I'm needing you!
To come home from the other side!
Life is frail we stand on the edge!
Falling through the oceans of time
Clinging to trust our dreams turn to dust
Blown through the skies into god's eyes
And so I see you once again
A lonely heart confused and cold
And under flags the dead return
But the living scar through tides of war
Help me see what I missed
All those things that I took for granted
I can't believe that I followed you
I can't believe what you stole from me
It's better we let the kingdom crumble!
It's just so hard to let go
To let his strength turn so frail
Let's leave this man to die
Turn him to the crimson sky where
He will sail away to meet his master
If love is destiny then
I face eternity of
Solitude and nights of sweet cold
Filled with dark rooms where
No one waits for me
Take me to mystery where
Fathers wait for me
Teach me your honesty so
I can set this pain free
Take me to a resting place where
I can nest in oblivion!
The light of oblivion!

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