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Vanessa S. - Too bad lyrics

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Too bad by Vanessa S.

Some things are better left alone, Babe
This comes a little bit too late
This ain't the time to say you're sorry
I'm movin' on, don't wanna wait
Do my thing, gonna go out and get it
I won't regret it
Wake up, Boy! don't you see what's the matter
you should know better
My-oh-my, when you thought you were choosing
you were loosing
Say good-bye, say good-bye
Too bad! too bad! you've been messin' with my love, Baby,
Too bad! too bad! too bad!
So sad, so sad, thought you'd never get enough of me
Too bad! too bad!
Don't wait to hear I need you back, Babe
Don't hang around to see me cry
Too many nights I've spent without you
Now I've let go, no wonder why

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