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Vandals - The day farrah fawcett died lyrics

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The day farrah fawcett died by Vandals

birds in the air - never chirped the same - slobs in bowling alleys - never burped the same - they came to cry - shocked with disbelief - a broken mass of millions - all drowning in their grief - she was just an innocent - how could you lord? - they cried the day - that farrah fawcett died - Throughout the globe - every chinese man and turk - their unifying symbol - they really liked her work - but who's to blame? - no one made a move - until i find out who did this - nobody leaves the room - they say the road was icy - but that just don't add up - a bushy-haired intruder - another government cover up! - a drug-related overdose - a hunting accident - death at the hands of another, - i'll bet! - first jfk - and then we lost the king - thank god it must be over now - they say they come in threes - but still i ache - the world has lost a friend - i'll trade all - of my viewmaster reels - to see her once again

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