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No More Lyrics

by Vains Of Jenna


No More Song Lyrics

No More by Vains Of Jenna

This endless cycle
Start over again
Just like a bicycle
You never really forgot
Just get on the seat
And move your feet
And gradually
Pick up speed
Then just when you think
You're safe and sound
You hit a bump
Fall to the ground

I'm talking about love
I'm talking about life
That's the way I see it
I never really get it right

But after I fall I see it all
Just when and where
I dropped the ball
So next time around I'll hold on tight
But this time
It's another oversight

Lying on my back
I don't wanna get up
There's something peaceful about
Just giving up
No more ups and downs
It's just too much
No more hard goodbyes
No more love
And no more
Trying to be tough

No more

I'm not getting up
i'm not getting up
This time I'm really stuck
I'm not getting up

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