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Snapped Lyrics

by Vado


Snapped Song Lyrics

Snapped by Vado

Uhh... U.N., Vado man
Light a 50, sit back in the cranberry 550
My slimes with me, this chick money hungry just like Whitley
From "A Different World", she's a different girl than others
Different furs in colors
Born with cake though, cabin the woods upstate low
Slept with a lot of known niggas, a straight ho
Her shape so put me on with ways to make dough
She got profiles, I make checks, we went bank flow (let's go)
Ponytail, face low, want me to fuck her mouth
Suck me on the couch, her slurp game got me buggin out (damn)
One day seen a ring on her like "Yo what's that about? "
She replied "What you chat about? Like let's not go that route"
(HA~! ) Then she tells me on some G shit
I got a secret, I'm with a dude I don't wanna be with
So peep it, I took him to court, but was defeated
Cause I don't see none from pre-nup from when he cheated
Could you believe it? In other words, she still with him
But he ain't never around, so what's the deal with him?
He out of town mostly is what she told me
No kids by him, big mansion, she be lonely

Not only that, he cheap as fuck but filthy
Too tight for banks, he keep it tucked, you feel me? (I do)
Like a heartbeat, it's in the crib you tellin me
'Round the amount about three mill', definitely
The only thing, he's in town for a couple weeks
Good! We can do it tonight, run in while he sleep
Cause it'll be easy if he take us to the cabbage
Long story short, he had that cake up in the attic
The rest bitin and pickin up, money wipin it
Dope vitamins, coke wifey screamin he triflin
With the gun aim all set, we done banged
Turned around hit the stairs bang I hear one rang
Huh? I just stared at her, this bitch I'll (I'll)
All that cause his life insurance is six mill'
I reacted, laughin, it's on some snap shit
I ain't snappin, but what the fuck just happened?
She start cleanin, I'm thinkin of start squeezin
Grab both duffles out of couple and start breezin
It wouldn't make sense to leave her breathin
It's a matter of time they catch up to her she start speakin
Believe it

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