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Seen It All Lyrics

by Vado


Seen It All Song Lyrics

Seen It All by Vado

I play this sport especially
I got this one more
And then he left free
We caught the mess
There are 2 things in it

Keywitness, seen it all
Ive seen t in newspapers
Young niggaz give to OGs a few favours
If you dont call, Im pickin up a phonebook
They broke rules
When theres 100 degrees,its cold as f**k

Laugh every day and were takin pictures
And I was doing that before Richard
All these niggaz are stitchin
We the best
We the best
He wanna talk
You all are listening
We sell what we sell
We can end up in a cell
We all risk it
Stay true to the crew
Somebody please tell them who we all missin
Im bad lover
Tell Shorty I do not love her
I want the money, money, money
Me the class of the class
Heres the funny thing
Never with the class
We count money, never with the math
It aint enough for the black
Never get love
I had to beam it off
If youre tryin to get money I suggest you get slalom
This b**ch is with it

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