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UTK (Universe The King) - Talk To Em lyrics

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Talk To Em by UTK (Universe The King)

Started from the bottom I'mma end up on the top
Cuz I talk to em, talk to em, talk to em
(These days I'm so focused)
You say I'm the best and I give you a lesson and stay humble
But niggas stay hatin', I say f**k it, I don't wanna play no more
My niggas Solo, he tell em don't say no more
Cuz we controllin' the war, so just wait on it
Niggas debatin' my ratings, I bet they be late on they payments
They checks got mistakes on it
The way that my bank account set up
You swear that the numbers look fake on it
But that ain't yo business, my nigga, I really did not feel yo take on it
I'm bout to head to the house, with the lake on it
I bet I'll be killin' nigga, we can shake, our b**ches gettin' naked
Might have to break em up within a second, never hesitatin'
I'm the type of nigga bringin' innovation for a generation
Like a dedication
I remember when these niggas wouldn't make it with their mediocre rappin'
They wouldn't play it on the radio, perhaps they're makin' payments
Nigga, I done seen it, then they wanna blame us for not bein' famous
Don't know what my name is, I am on the A-list
So lemme change it
Tryna rearrange it, show the picture that I'm paintin'
Shinin' on the moon, it's rainin', nigga I will make it ran
I keep the sh*t up in the bank, I'm ridin' on a quarter tank
This high a nigga really thinkin', I'm just real enough to say it
Got a feelin' that I'm changin' real life
And everyday a nigga livin' in a dream
And you can pinch me, I'm awake and live for eva in the day
I'm puttin' everything in everything I say
I'm makin' sure I'm not repeatin', yes, today I'm 'onna settle
Started from the bottom I'mma end up on the top
Cuz I talk to em, talk to em, talk to em
Now that I got the more in em, I am neva gonna stop
Cuz I talk to em
Another ? still livin', another homie shot dead on the block
Still I talk to em, talk to em, talk to em
(These days I'm so focused)
(Verse 2)
Yeah, fast life, slow motion
These days I'm so... lemme get it, look
Niggas in my face like I ain't pay 400 for the shades, like
I ain't pay 400 for the top of the line tree, that's kinda like YG
I just wanna party, who you movin'? You and what army?
Young nigga, you're armless, that's an amputee
Lemme talk to em
(Verse 3)
Glad to wait, just know I talk to em
Nor the last, nor the late, and I know what I'm doin'
You TK?! These niggas movin' backwards with it
I should hand the K to ya to get savage with it
Bad decision, you know we tryna push this piece
Push kinda ? niggas push shovel six feet deep
You underdid, dead meat, you know where the dead meat?
For the hell of it, heaven sent
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in again
Lemme show you niggas how we represent
Top dawg, my b**ch, ya kid will get chipped
Lease on yo chick, no lease on yo whip
Been givin' niggas the blues since Kickback
Get the jellow shot to the hypno
These days I'm so... lemme get it, look
Fast life, slow motion
(Started from the bottom I'mma end up on the top)
These days I'm so focused, wrote this notion on a train in motion
Drained most of my sustained emotion
Focused, I been waitin', hopin', I been waitin'
I been sittin' patient with my hope
In case momma, I been thinkin'
Brother, I been prayin', hatin' conversatin'
But I know it's shady
Who's that on yo station? Maybe your replacement
Jason Vorhees while you wait by the trees
When you sparked in the darkness, came in with the breeze
Are you speedin' for reasons unknown?
He's in a league of his own
Leave him alone but don't leave him too lone!
Skills on a skillet height, got on his own
Act like a daemon home, what the hell?
That's odd, cuz the cold boy bad with the god flow tho
Tho he ain't grown here on his own, got his shawty on his own
And that's harsh, speakin' in front of priest, and for it let's burn
Sorrow, another light bulb for the prophet of tomorrow
Go to school and who the student gon' follow?
Mr. Principle, should even kill this guy, Milles, what these niggas knew?
Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice
They even used the needles to illegal use
Put what we produced in illegal use
Gotta get false to see the truth, but
We so focused
Started from the bottom I'mma end up on the top
Cuz I talk to em, talk to em

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