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Urban Mystic - Givin' It Up lyrics

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Givin' It Up by Urban Mystic

Now the funny thing is that I never thought that I
(thought that I)
Would ever give in til I realized
That everyhting I need I found in your eyes so I stopped
My soul searching yeah
All the girls and the games just the same old shit
I'm putting it down cuz i'm sick of it
Cuz a life with you is what i'm making so I decided...Listen
I'm givin it up...running the streets with my boys
I'm givin it up...steady smoking gonna destroy me
I'm givin it more watching other ladies
Givin it up, i'm givin it up, i'm givin it up
Oh i'm givin up everything
Givin it up
I'll give it up for you baby
I'm givin it up
I know it might sound crazy
Givin it up, i'm givin it up, i'm givin it up
Now the chronic
I ain't even gonna lie
I love it
But I put it aside for you
You worth it
You know what
I'll even stop cursing
Listen I give up up the streets and start working
Now here's a method to my thinking
Rather be twisted on you
Stead of creeping and watching the game
I don't need it
Cuz you're the only all star that i'm seeing
Yes you are
Yes you are
[Repeat Chorus]
Some of ya'll know what i'm talking about
When I say i'm gonna give it up
Fellas if you feel me
Look towards your lady and tell her
Baby I admit it, I got a couple bad habits
Girl I would give it all up for you baby
[Repeat Chorus]

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