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Quintet Of Spheres Lyrics

by Unleashed Power


Quintet Of Spheres Song Lyrics

Quintet Of Spheres by Unleashed Power

[Sphere 1: Preclusion by Naivet©]

In its belief of its supremacy
Shattered domain of its naivet©
Lazy and full 'til the reign got corrupted
Surprised its existance interrupted
Astonished by the disclosure detected

In this sad conference it sits in imprudence
Confrontation it detests naivet© laid to rest
In a millennium broken continuum
Knowledge broke the line its existance divine

[Sphere 2: Tool of Nihilism]

Tearing carnage massacre done,
Thriving scourge nihilism won
Regaling itself on death by its hand
Destruction of life keeps it in command
abrogate life bludgeon the weak
Nihilistic pawn dragoon the meek
Dictator enforce paramount of hate
Obey to his whim and subordinate

[Sphere 3: Phlegmatic Perception]

White walls surround the entity
Mirror its stolidity
Stale amiss the indolence
Its voice cries in dissonance

Phlegmatic perception
Slothful reaction
Laziness prevail
Ignorant and stale
Caved in by misanthropy
Travelling through apathy
Fool of the turmoil
Antithesis of toil
Only the bereave
Talent to perceive
Confronted by fear
For the end is near
Its farce concluded
Its reign deluded

[Sphere 4: Defer to Despair]

Institute unimportance
Effluence of dejection
Disdained in depression
Accentuate negation
Trembling shake in its angst
Reflecting travesty
In its timid existence
Quail in its servility

[Sphere 5: Paradox of Sanity]

Raving in its frenzy
Delirium run amuck
Paradox of sanity
Severe trauma and shock
Jolt in maelstrom of conflict,
Perceptive disturbancy
Afflicted agitation
Phrenetic lunacy

Antagonized fatuous mind
Distorted perception
Relinquish sobriety
Perverse contemplations

[Epitaph: Five Entities Unified]

As they come to realize
When their spheres merge into one
Their credence is their demise
Dissension has just begun

Belief of narcissism
Confronted discernment
By their fanaticism
Union rendered atonement

Communion solidified
Eternally unified

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