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Undying - The coming dark age lyrics

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The coming dark age by Undying

I try to imagine a time when things weren't this way
but years have come and gone with the seasons
and for better or worse this is how it is
is this the price we must pay?
oh how we revere our mountains of concrete and steel
across every nation a decaying metropolis burns
our way of life bought and stolen with blood sweat and tears
and the machine keeps pressing on
our assault on the earth has taken its toll
now devastation lies behind our sorrow
the undying screams of tortured souls
shall forever possess tomorrow
within this darkened globe of mounting terror
on the eve of destruction where despair is life
the reigns of ignorance plummet us towards calamity
unseen is the coming strife
as this world disappears we stand on the outside looking in
we've tried so hard to move the moon and touch the stars
and now we swim in tainted oceans of a better day
across fields of yesterday the specters of the past
loom ahead - taunting voices long devoid of breath
they watch us follow in their stead
take a hopeless glance into the future do we stand a chance?
I awake from a dream to be hurled into this nightmare
and I long to return to sleep
cause everyday I rise to a crimson sky
she sheds her gentle tears on me
but each drop cuts like a knife
and the bruises and scars will never subside
each passing day our brutality grows stronger
each passing day means the pain's lasted longer
and I can feel the pain
and I can feel her pain
what will become of this world - devastation tomorrow?
hold on for one more day

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