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Undertakers - No Satan No God lyrics

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No Satan No God by Undertakers

Stupid people, you believe
In something unnatural
You need Christ... you need Satan
They're the different sides of
The same coins
No Satan No God
Angel of the love
No Satan No God
Angel of the death
Catholics prey their god
Satanists sacrifice their life
But the human mankind can't survive
Only the strong survives
No Satan No God
Think by yourself
No Satan No God
No esoteric presence
Use your brain, no fuckin' imposition
It's your life, it's your energy
Weaker men follow the holy lords
Painted guys like in a carnival show
Disgusting slaves of a surrealistic religion
I'm free without God and Satan
Religion isn't good for myself
Preying your personal god show your weakness
Scream for your Satan, Satan doesn't exist
Burn the religion you will be much better
Subjected to the cross
No Satan No God

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