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Ulver - Wolf & The Moon lyrics

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Wolf & The Moon by Ulver

I dende N¦tters Nat
Der hun hafvde bes¦ttende Gl?d,
Bar bleege Stjerner i sit Ski?d,
Hylder han hende med een Sang
Dende Lidenskabens Hymne
Vidner om det Baand
Som nu inv¦lder
Natten in hand Aand
N?r Stjernerne varsler Grye
Mod to-hornet S?lvmaanenye
Oc Soelen stiiger frem
Lig een Flamme, ski¦r & reen
Som fra Faedres Offerbaal -
Ustyrlig er da hans Sind!
Ski¦nk kam saa nyt Lius aff dit Skin,
Du, Satans Soel,
Saa han kand jage tol Bestandighed
Regi¦re, i kold,
Ufattbar Mayestet
Possesivelie She upon him shone
Adorned with dimme stars
In this Night of Nights
He hailes Her with a song
This hymne of Passion
Reminding of the Bond
Between him and the Night
As they melt into one
When dawn draws near
And the Sunne ascendes
Like a flame bright & pure
From the bonfires of heretics
Ecstatick, then, his Mind!
Grant him thus Light anew,
Thou, Sunne of Satan
So that he shall reigne
Through infinite
In colde, inconceivable Majestie!

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