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Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle - MC's Ultra Part 2 (remix) lyrics

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MC's Ultra Part 2 (remix) by Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle

[Kool Keith]
I have a mystical style, combined with common data
If a sucker can't catch it, to me, it doesn't matter
A fact, equivalent, to a stupid MC
I'm greater -- than the rest of them
I'ma smack every duck and beat the best of them
til they DIE, and I'm tellin no lie
By a native warrior, from the Bronx, Cooley High
As my rhymes get tougher MC's all suffer
from the consequence, and all elegance
Your girl's on my jock and it don't make sense at all
Because we're havin a ball
Takin out all suckers, ??
Cause you got too many, to find your big group
and get paid, and try to be like me
Not another sucker duck punk toy MC
Cause we're..

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