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Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle - Feelin' It lyrics

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Feelin' It by Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle

[c.gee] yo, party people, we're the ultramagnetic mc's
And since you felt us once, and it felt so good
We had to do it again.. how?
It goes somethin..
[kool keith]
Connecting the word, to express definition
Defined by wisdom, accordingly
I'll aim to burn, as others learn
The basic steps, like a child to me
You're just a newborn
Tryin to rhyme like me
But you wannabe, such a replica
All copycats, new jacks, your butt i'll wax
Cause i'm tellin you
Like the rhymes you bought, i'm sellin you
For a million bucks, you bought em
But another sucker duck, i just caught him
Like a stool pigeon, tryin to be the wizard
Kool keith!
[ced gee]
Now you're a parasite, a known pesticide
Filthy, and very dirty to me
And i agree hah, indubitably
Biologically, that you're irrelevant
I'm intelligent, a fool to insist
Stupidity, behind your brain cells
Cause you're a roach, and i'm your d-con
Evaporating, dissolving, eating germs
It's my turn, you must burn, cause i'm speaking
Connecting every word, so smoothly
Calm as i teach, so have a seat don't cheat
Or else, you'll regret your punishment
And i, will excel with momentum
Which is parallel, to the words
Of, ultramagnetic, ced gee!

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