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Tyrese - I Gotta Chick lyrics

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I Gotta Chick by Tyrese

Hold that baby kick my feet up
On the table dinner ready that's my baby
Cook my favorite spaghetti
Angel hair fettucine then we f-ck until we dreamin
Wakin up around eleven now we rollin like it's Cali
Got a fine dog skin like kesha up in belly
Oh really I 'ready commin it's just so heavy
I ain't trippin she ain't trippin
She ain't flippin to my celly
We're both grown, now will you tone I'm just kiddin
We both winnin, like Jordan to the pippin
Hope you ain't feelin different 'cause most to them girls with digits
But you I play my cards right royal flush finish (oh)
Gotta chick that love me no added two she hug me
Le-let we got in rub me lo-loyal is she for me
Too many homie owe me push em to the side
'Cause they ain't gonna ride
Like my chick that love me

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