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Tyler Hilton - Rollin' home lyrics

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Rollin' home by Tyler Hilton

Traveling Sunday, is fine west of here
Most folks are staying at home
You wanna come on, you better meet me there
Cause I got some country to home
Oh, with the short stops made for runnin'
A big glass to let the sun in
And serve you in a real time movie
With the tracks point past the vulture
Straight out to counter culture
There’s no other place to find me
Then I’ll miss rolling home
Time goes by so slow,
And I get off but, it’s my rolling home
One of you gets in trouble right there
Is the other in chains, by your side
But, our days have been lucky
There’s been no cement floors
But don’t bet it all, we’ve got some time
Cause in the land of the moving sun
Moves that fly one by one,
Provided, shades don’t shut against them
Cause in the mind of the sleepy eye
And heavy on and slow to drive
There’s one spot never apprehensive
To go on this, rolling home
Time goes by so slow
And I get off but, it’s my rollin' home
(so beautiful)
Well, streaks, streaks, streaks, streaks
Are sand between the fields that tuck you in
As she lays on the seat, you claim to own
I never recall a single stranger friend
But inside I’ve never left my rolling home
So if your nights sleeps interrupted
Your sleep dreams gets corrupted
By a steady, rolling thunder
Or a days drive gets delayed
Or a route you’d never take
From now on, you’ll never have to wonder
Hey, I’ll miss rollin' home
Time goes by so slow
I get off but, it’s my rolling home
I’ll miss rollin' home, I will

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