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Notes from America

by Tyler Bonnie


Notes from America Song Text

Notes from America by Tyler Bonnie

--- Desmond Child / Robbie Seidman
Somewhere in America
The tour bus roads through the dead of night
The sleeping towns fade out if sight
You know what I mean
Here it comes and goes so fast
Lookin' out this window
I just see black
Sometimes I wish that I was back
And this was all a dream
I been up and down
I been lost and found
In America, in America
I been turned around
Till I don't know where I'm bound
In America, in America
And I miss you now
Just a note from America
Livin' on the road again
I'm the only woman
In this Rock'n'Roll band
Fifty states of one night stands
You know what I mean
Railroad crossing midnight train
Just the lonely sound
of the clickety-clack
Still I know I can't turn back
American dream?
Sometimes when it gets to me
I dream that you are next to me
I can feel you near (whisperin' my name)
I can feel your touch (take away my pain)
I can hear you say
"I just want to love you again"
Baby, baby

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