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My Heart Crawls Off Lyrics

by Two Nice Girls


My Heart Crawls Off Song Lyrics

My Heart Crawls Off by Two Nice Girls

(Gretchen Phillips & Sara Hickman)
I just called the operator
She said that your phone was busy
So I started crying but I stopped
It just made me dizzy
I know that you're talking to her
Like you used to talk to me
Ya'll have probably gone so far
that she's seen that mole on your knee
Everytime that you touch me
I see her in your eyes
And then a little, little part of me
It crawls off and dies
Everybody's telling me
That you've put me on a shelf
They're all saying: Just forget it Gretchen,
'Cause she loves somebody else
I know I must face that sad truth
You don't love me anymore
But it hurts my little heart
That you are such a bore
I saw you two down at the malt shop
The way you were carrying on, I just wanted to make you stop
No, no it's not something in me like foolish pride
Don't you two see how you're killing me inside?
But I'll love you

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