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Twisted Insane - Beneath The Stars lyrics

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Beneath The Stars by Twisted Insane

[Chorus x2]
Walk Beneath the sun, Lay beneath the stars
We grow upon the earth, And this is what we are.
[Verse 1]
On the bathroom floor with a blade in my hand in a puddle of p**s,
over coming darkness thinking where did sh*t go wrong if its coming to this,
Take a bottle full of advil, hoping it’ll kill me or probably I’ll go to sleep.
It’s to late to go back now, sh*t, so I slit my wrists now I’m in this sh*t deep.
Looking at the blood run, a couple drips then sh*t now it’s on like a puddle,
Now I’m in trouble, nothing I can do right now only run for my shuttle.
Blood started gushing I could feel myself was rushing, I f**ked up and now my nerve of self is leaving,
Everybody get the decents and, this sh*t is all exterial no more internal bleeding,
I remember when I was a little kid, hide in trash can lids always suffering abresions,
I would always talk to my friends like, “Time and time again another day another beatin'”.
They say time heals all wounds but I’ve been f**ked up ever since I was a child,
So troubled and wild, why you think in every school picture I never did smile.
Ain’t been happy in a while,
But I remain humble, they tell me I’m an animal, what the f**k else you expect? I grew up in a jungle.
And now I’m all f**ked up on the bathroom floor just sitting here bleeding,
Thinking ’bout leaving before my son come in and see me not breathing.
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 2]
And now I’m all f**ked up with a bullet in my chest and I’m prayin’ to Jesus
Never did before but f**k it if I go right now they’ll be all runin’ needless
it’s funny how I guess I get to praying when I get up in a situation
If you go right now it’s the end if you think god is the one you’ll be facin’
Maybe you could be satan, sh*t maybe we ain’t ’bout to be waitin’
Maybe we all end up in a f**kin’ box with a lid on top sh*t it’s up for debating
But the fact of the matter is if I don’t know then you don’t know either
brain washed as a kid to believe in your parents beliefs just ask the preacher
I was in the corner by myself looking at the other kids knowing I was different
I was gifted, and it’s been that way ever since I was an infant
Brain off in the distance, Never thought much could get me rattled
Lost in a den, ‘Cus I’m knowing I be off in the pen if there is a new tattle
One bite of an apple, Niggas sufferin the root of all evil
People that get shot and stabbed but nobody laughin’ at the murdering of all people
And now I’m all f**ked up on the bathroom floor just sitting here bleeding
Thinking ’bout leaving, before my son come in and see me not breathing
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3]
In the bathroom with a glass half full and a pool half empty,
Stumbling black belly hen walk, “Do you wanna take another shot?”
Don’t tempt me
I will have venomized my own life from my own actions
learn from mistakes and every move that a nigga make will cause a reaction
I blacked out last night all that I can recall was I was faded
standin’ on top of a rock at a bonfire screamin’ “I f**kin’ made it!”
My life I f**kin’ hate it, I’m a full grown alchy,
My life’s in danger they tell me I’m a perfect stranger, Like balky
Feelin’ somewhat open and feeling like I was thinkin of walking up on a stranger N’imma hit with venom like there was ten of ’em
fill ’em with that bullet then I murder ’em with that verbal and people will call it venomous
sh*t that’s only life for the moment, how can I win when time’s my opponent?
I don’t care so I’mma keep goin’ and push to the wind like I’ve been annointed
I’ve been avoided by the whole world ’cause a nigga only had one pair of clothes
sleepin on the sidewalk, right there on the sidewalk, you people don’t know
And know I’m all f**ked up on the bathroom floor just sitting here bleeding
Thinking ’bout leaving, before my son come in and catch me not breathing
[Chorus x2]

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