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Twelfth Of Never - The Perfect North lyrics

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The Perfect North by Twelfth Of Never

I am alone in this world,
Waiting to reinvent beauty
I am leaving, farewell.
Shift the moon from my fears
I've split it from the sky,
It makes heaven easier for me
To capture and send away.
Empty stares between the sky
And the ocean, where has my love gone?
I stole the difference,
Comfort me thief
Will I see you again?
I'll leave my home to return a hero
And I'll forget my love to become god.
Lift the sea, drown the smile
Weigh my insides down with piles of sand
Fill my mouth with rocks
Taste the hell from my tongue
O' I'll escape my face
Spitting clay into a mercury staircase.
Just let me crawl, just give me time.
My castle is everything, it settles me;
I breathe.
If I have ever let you go from up here,
Please remind me.
It seems I've been caught over patterns in the air
Now i'll stare as you choke on your desire
When i reach the sun I will know I am there.

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