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Turning Point - Thursday lyrics

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Thursday by Turning Point

Shadows fall over this small town tonight
Snuffing out the remains of the evening light
My mind is clouded - with the events of the day
Why is life torturing me this way?
I keep running it back - running it back through my mind
But what do I get - what do I expect to find
My eyes drop to the floor - and every step I take forward
Seems so unsure
So scream out...
Crying to a world that does not care
I'm reaching through the black - and finding nothing there
I never felt so all alone - and so cramped all at once
Trying to forget about a world
That turned up it's nose and passed me by
Sleep washes over this tired soul
Can't help but let this night
Swallow me whole
Awake to find - the sun staring down
I squint my eyes to avoid the truth of no resolution found.

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