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All Is Well

by Troy Sneed


All Is Well Song Text

All Is Well by Troy Sneed

Sitting in the middle of all these bills but ain’t got no money.
Some of my
Closest friends are acting real funny now.
I’ve been praying without
Ceasing, been giving God my best.
Lately it’s been nothing but a whole lot
Of bad news, but just when I was about to give up and throw in the towel.

That’s when the spirit man rose up inside of me and said…
All is Well, Oh,
Yes, All is Well, Just give it, to Jesus,
Oh yes, Oh yes, All is well…I
Don’t know how
He’s going to do it but all I know He’s going to see me
Through it…I’m going to give it to Jesus,
Oh, Yes, Yes I am and say all is
Well! OOO wee!
Can I go a little deeper now and come on up yours…So you
Single, but you want to be married, or you married and something happened
Along the way….
Lost your home, can’t find no job…You’ve lost your mind,
Feel all hope is gone…
I just stopped by for a few minutes just to encourage
You, To let you know that God has not forgotten about you…
So lift your
Hands and say…
All is well, (All is well, All is well), All is Well, Give it
To Jesus, (to Jesus)
O’ My, O’ My, O’ My, O’
My, Thank You God …All is
Well, All is Well…Oh’,
Oooo, Ooo I don’t know how He’s going to do it, but
All I know He’s going to see you through it…If you give it to Jesus He can
Work it out, He can work it, whatever it is… He can work it out, He can
Work it, I’m a witness, He can work it out, Yes, Give it to Jesus, He can
Work it, give it to Him, Give it to Jesus, He can work it, Yes, OOO.
Give it to Jesus…All is well, All is Well, He can Work it out…Stop crying
About it. All is well! Stop worrying about it. All is well…Just give it
To Jesus... Hallelujah… Just give it to Jesus, whatever it is... Lift your
Hands and say, I’m happy now…Hallelujah! Put a smile on your face... Just
Know that no weapon formed against you is going to prosper…Lift your hands
And say “All is Well”…

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