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Trophy Scars - The Arcane Symbols lyrics

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The Arcane Symbols by Trophy Scars

Give me another halo cause this one has rusted away oh
Sorry little darling but this time you're just gonna wait so
Listen you can hear them try to dig their way out but they can't now
The water's a liar, a cheater, a shark, and a scam
Here comes the puppet, the killer, the god and they sing
Picture the voyeur, the lover, the lawyer, and child
Using the metronome
Trying to mix sex and death without missing a beat
Where did I place my keys?
I need to reopen the gate in the yard for my friends, oh
I want them back in again
Did you, did you, did you, did you
Hear them
Squirming and kicking and writhing in unconscious fear
Fear is the last word you ever expected to hear
So any last words to the boy that knew you so well, dear?
Now fuck all the rumors, the questions, the stories, who needs them
There's more truth in whispers and blisters and snow flakes
Cause they can only dissolve
Write it all down in the sand and the dirt to find reason
Is easy to blow away
Now Bertrand Russell will finally sleep really easy
Although there's no heaven for him
Oh! D-d-d-d-d-doctor... Oh oh oh!
These arcane symbols rest above my head
Those sharks will shudder until they're dead
The seasons change and switch the blame
On the arcane symbols above my head
What was it then?
A means to an end?
These lyrics are lies to cover up lies
Of the feelings that grow from the troubles that blow
From the open wounded mouth to the summer's last drought
Until the tongue will not move to explain it to you

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