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Trophy Scars - Artist. Artists. lyrics

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Artist. Artists. by Trophy Scars

I said to the waitress, "hey, another coffee"
Refills are free, and i'm feeling pretty lonely
The diner's kinda cold and a little bit empty
Just then she walked in, and she tried to ignore me
It's my ex-wife, and she's looking kinda sick
I recently just learned she's been blowing crazy shit
"oh, baby, how ya been? i haven't seen you in a bit"
"i know we aren't great friends, but can you take some time and sit, huh?"
Thanks, hun, you look very pretty
I know that you know that i know, and it hurts me so much
I can't help you... i wanted to help you
Let me please help you
How come?
How could you do this?
You're so goddamn gorgeous
You're so goddamn selfish
I love you to pieces
Kiddo, i'm dying
I'm tired of crying, ok?
Just stop
Look what your man's done
He made a mess, and he's selling me sick
I'm so sickening
Sick of me
I'm so sickening
Sick of me
I'm so sick
Hey, it's ok
I love you the same like when were just kids
Oh, babe, it's just me
I know we don't talk much
I love you... please stop this
Just stop this, just stop it, just stop
Stop it
Stop this
I can't sit here and watch while you make yourself sick
I'm so sickening
Sick of what?
Sick of me
Sick of her
Sick of sick
My bad
I'm an awful example
A hypocrite and a cheat
So i'm sorry
It's just
I won't let this happen again
I let my hair grow
And i tried to forget you
Don't break my heart
And let this shit kill you
I can do what i want
'cause my ex-girlfriend don't give a fuck about
Jamie devine can do what he wants
'cause his ex-girlfriend don't give a fuck about
All of us got these broken dreams
A fractured love over drugs that scream about
Forcing yourself to do what you want
'cause your next girlfriend will make you write about
So all of us can do what we want
'cause our ex-girlfriends don't give a fuck about
Sweetheart please! you can't give up
Please love yourself and stay with us around
I won't ever know how things end up
I miss her lots, but we rarely talk... oh, well
Oh, jamie please, let's get a drink
I think it's 'bout time we leave this place, ya know? ya know? ya know?

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