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Triumph - Stranger In A Strange Land lyrics

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Stranger In A Strange Land by Triumph

Andy Warhol's modern man builds a castle in the air
The deck is stacked but his house of cards
Grows as high as the market will bear
It won't take much to make his ship of dreams
Come crashing to the ground
You just wait for the wheel of fate to turn
And the wind of the wolf is gonna blow it all down
Shallow rivers of fashion run on courses tried and true
The masses dive in and it washes them down
Makes 'em feel like they're all brand new
Blinding hatred caused by fear is
Showing in their eyes
They want their truth all black and white
But a rainbow never tells no lies to a
Stranger in a Strange Land
What's a man supposed to do?
Just a Stranger in a Strange Land...
(waiting and watching and wondering)
When will the light come shining through...
To feed the heart's addiction, in answer to my soul
It may not be the best of worlds, but it's the only one I know
In the shadow of Damocles' atomic sword
We learn to live with fear
Stringing out lives of quiet desperation
We're all just strangers here...
Riding along on the razor edge
Burned in the acid rain
Groped in the darkness, searching for a way
To fill the empty space inside
And between us all...

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