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Triumph - Black sheep lyrics

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Black sheep by Triumph

Joey left when he was 16
Black leather and blue jeans
Too young to take a stand
Gang life was like quicksand
Pack o' smokes and a bottle o'Jack was
A good friend, that didn't talk back much
Young dude on a roll,
Fast time take a toll
Brother was a big shot lawyer
Said the street life's gonna destroys ya
Sister was an uptown model
Said your whole life's in that bottle
Black sheep, Black sheep
Bad boy of the family
Two strikes against him from the start
Black sheep, Black sleep
Livin' life out of the street
Paid the price that left a scar
Good times and a couple of laughs were
Just what, Joe was after
Love came ina girl named Jane
She tried to keep him tame
It's hard to walk the line
Born under a bad sign
The city was an ice cold place
Pain was written in Joey's face
Lord knows that he was a hard one
Switchblade and a .38 handgun
Joey got two years in the State Penn
He's coming back
But he just don't know when
Doin' time got Joey thinkin'
Started prayin' and he gave up drinkin'
Parole's comin' in six months maybe
Not knowin' Jane's having his baby
Left jail straight as an arrow
Gonna stay on the straight and narrow
He loves Jane, and he loves little Joey
Lord knows

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