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Trial - Cycle Of Cruelty lyrics

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Cycle Of Cruelty by Trial

Why do we accept violence in the name of tradition?
Break out of this cycle of cruelty
Deception and domination walk together hand in hand
I won't take part anymore
When the answer is right before our eyes
How could we let ourselves become so fucking blind
To the need for a commitment to compassion?
We cut our own throats when we live without respect for life
It's coming around...
All our excuses are just conditioning
Forced into our minds passed down long enough
That we've turned away from all rationality
The slaughter of the innocents goes unmentioned
While murder is condemned everyday
The screams of the tortured are ignored or accepted
But never questioned
Is this how we're to live in this world?
Face the truth: man did not weave the web of life,
He is merely a strand in it-
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself...
A violent hand has assumed control to satisfy demand
Providing us with what we're made to think we need to survive
And while we thrive on ignorance... indifference... the blood flows
We've got to make the choice to realize
These lives mean so much more
Break out of the cycle
In the midst of chaos we have no explanation
And exploitation with no consideration is our crime
In the age of progress and unrestrained advancement
We demand respect for those
All those we refuse to leave behind

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