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T. Rex - Long Live Da Game lyrics

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Long Live Da Game by T. Rex

YEA...Dis for all my niggaz who think dey hard...Aint sure about how much dope i hadGot a couple keyz in the safe right now Weigh it up cook it up then chop it downNow im ready to go and pick up my fettiBut before i leave tha house i can't dip without grabbin my G'zAnd my keyz to my brand new V put em in pocket with tha gat to seeNiggaz pleeze nigga you holla bout freezePut this red dot to ya ass n squeezeNow im dippin bac to tha swatsWith tha 4-4 and a plastic glockTurned around and i had to stopCouldnt trap swarn it wuz copsStandin there n i still aint scaredMac Boney nem must have fledOnly cops is i fear is tha feds unmaked car flashin blue n redDamn there dey go now it's time to dipGot tha 4-4 right my hip9 millimeter wit a extra clipDats what yall niggaz get fuckin round wit TIPBustin at emN cussin at em but aint no shakin emThem bullets dat they wuz bustin at me my vest wuz takin emMakin dem pigs fall in pain Turned around 'cause one call my nameTook a hot one to tha brainYea i died but LONG LIVE THA GAME...

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