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Music Video

Let's Go Lyrics

by Travis Barker


Let's Go Song Lyrics

Let's Go by Travis Barker


[Busta Rhymes]
Before I
Tell ya that I'm in it just give everybody a movie
They never seen imma hit 'em with another elbow
Let me get up everybody, on your mark, so ya ready? Lets go
WOW! Ok, here we go again you see the way I'm blowin and
I'm like a mangala the way I be mangalin the beat
they call me DRACULA then you see the FANGS goin in
WOW! Uh huh, everybody know that imma come and imma go
Then I gotta my show
keys to the ignition and step on the gas
and bust a bottle a pour me shot in my glass
where we at where we at WHERE WE AT?
And we back up in the building and we coming with a scorcher
Yall aready know who it is it's Busta Bust and Travis Barker
Back seat of me see we gotta go when we hit the fire trucks everybody better know
That we bout to let it blow and we gotta get it you, everybody if your rollin wit me
(Lets go)

[Hook- Lil Jon]
Hey, lets go, lets go, lets go
Hey, lets go, lets go, lets go
Hey, lets go, lets go, lets go

I already spit it to the rhythm of the piano so now I gotta give the drummer some
Put the T up on the track will be phenomenal cuz when it come to havin a hit imma have another one.
Blink 182 times when you the Twista with Travis, madness
Kind of like a savage, grab it and murder it with the? blood

I'm a canvas and it's kinda incredible how I spit it and get up of middle intricate piles of a kick drum.
Diabolical, the lyrical flow that'll swallow if you theoretical thinkin that you can get some.
Imma hit'em with the Lamborghini flow with the speed of a Bugatti
I'm from another planet when I spit a verse with the weed in my body. And imma...
Hurt 'em every time I get up in the booth, sippin on the liquor 182 proof
Mad when they that shit they neva let me loose outta the cage and seem what imma do
It's Twista the jace and the rock on the track, and hit cha with the Midwest flow
Even if you aint ready yet, all I gotta say is ready set, (lets go)


Drive by, hit chu with the two piece combo while I'm hangin out the window of your Daddy's Lambo
Scramble eggs, I got scrambled ammo, leave you on top of the water like a banana boat
Yea I'm an animal, everybody's edible and Yelawolf is headed fo' your arm and hand and yo... head, I'm a cannibal.
BUT if it's a man so I can fuck and antelope
Soooo, send him to me in a minute when your finished and I'll put him in a vice grip
I'll put an end to the image and send it fuckin with the mic grill
pull the trigger back in a submarine with sub machine loaded, in an ocean, high deep, keep him on the submarine imploded
cry my name mothaf-cker bomb an osis, me and I'm sick in the prog(a)nosis,
got more bars than 45 and I put you behind them and I'm like adios bitch
I can make your mamma really proud to know me, and your buck daddy is kinda lonely.
Give me fifty bucks in penny rolls just to be in one of my videos yea homie lets go.


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