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Trae Tha Truth - Hot Nigga (Freestyle) lyrics

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Hot Nigga (Freestyle) by Trae Tha Truth

Yeah, king of the muthaf**kin' streets is back, nigga
I bet ya pussies thought I was gonna let you breathe for a second, huh?
Got me f**ked up, hustle gang ova everythang, nigga
200 key inside the pluso, we duckin' the people
You were Your Highness of the streets, b**ch, you are nothing as equal
200 bricks, I'm tryna see in the back of that Diesel
I'm bout whateva, try the truth, it ain't nothin' pieceful
f**k with the truth, you might just wound up in that murder sceners
This thing right pull up ova glass, b**ch it's a murder sceners
How many given hit that light and send that murder scene?
See, ain't the way the king can get away with that murder clean
Caught my first body the age of a young'n
I went from that to sendin' young'ns out gunnin' for somethin'
Call it band camp, our boss pull up shootin' and drummin'
So many twos, swear to God I'm professional plumbin'
Now what ya pussy niggas talkin'? If I pull a-ridin' on ya
You might be pullin' off in that coffin
Real kids will do fake kids and leave ya bodies swimin' like dolphins
Religion make ya the holly doubter, nigga, that don't happen often
Migo put me on game, this why this flame is hard to stand
Next to yo dame who givin' brain, she insane, I'm comin' change
I'm on the locks, sh*t, if it's hot
I get the blocks and hit the plane
I'm talkin' private, no domestic
I'm an a**hole, lift chains, nigga

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