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Toy Dolls - What She Had With Huey lyrics

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What She Had With Huey by Toy Dolls

Yesterday, Huey's lips were smiling
Yesterday, when Huey was around
She would never have no fear
When she knew Huey was ere'
She still hears the sound...
Yesterday, Huey's voice a calling
Yesterday, Help me Huey cries
The day that Huey dies.
When the night grows cold and the wind blows cruelly A HA
Then bitting lonely chill goes through me
And it feels so bad, so sad that OOEEE A HA
Shes never gonna have what she had with Huey.
Yesterday, She & Huey laughing
Yesterday, a life with Huey's charms
A life in Huey's arms
And the night grows cold...
[Guitar Bit]
Yesterday, Huey's heart was beating
Yesterday, she still had Huey
Yesterday, she will keep repeating
Yesterday, 'Bring Huey back to me'
'Bring me back Huey'
When the night grows cold...

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