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Toy-Box - Toya's Dictionary lyrics

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Toya's Dictionary by Toy-Box

Icy wrist- watch or braclet full of diamonds
Platinumist- Having a lot of platinum jewerly
Drop Six- 600 Benz
Wood Kit- Wood grain interior
Dig em' ups- Gold diggers
Cop & you drop- Purcahse any car without a problem
Hot to def- very fine
Vee's- visa
Stallion- Man that everything going on
Story Book Thug- (stallion) man that has everything going on
Hickey- Pocket full of money
Phat rock in his ear- Large diamond ear ring
Spankin' new Range- Brand new Range Rover
Plaited- hair braided, cornrolls
Had me at go- Had my attention at the beginning
Iced ou playa- Stallion with a lot of platinum/jewelry
Click on you- change attitude without warning (snap on you)
Play me shady- treating me like I'm crazy
Flip- switch up on you
Peepin' me- checking me out
Sweatin' me- Paying me a lot of unnecassary attention
Give me 5 feet- Give me breathing room
Crowd- In my personal space
Cramp my style- Messing up my game
Make my rounds- Checking out the scene
Bounce- Move on
Nu Breed- a nu millennium women (i.e, Toya& Penelope)
Untouchable- a woman that everything going on
Finna- Midwest swing
Money knows- A guy that's frontin'
Spit- rapping and singing
Timbos- Timberland boots
Whips- car
E.I- it's all good
Mulitman- Coppenhaniacs, hot boys from Demark that produced the
Song Untouchables
Loyalty Click- Toya's mangement team and the loyalty Enterprise family
Hard to hit- Toya's production company, hard to get at
Fo' reel- Penelope's production company keepin it real
Perfect Dime- Perfect 10 (i.e. Mr Blue Eyes & my baby)
St. Lunatics- Hot rap group out the Lou, out of the ordinary
Peeps- people
Drop some dollars- spend some money
Cop(Prada), (a spot)- Get you some
Dough stack- Have lots of money
Flo is packed- Keep people on the dance floor
Red Cardinal Cocked- Repersenting St. Louis, wearing a hat to the side
Freash Ghetto locks- Hot fdreads or cornrolls
Dudds- Phat tires/ 20 inch rims
Chickin head- Hood rat (ghetto fabulous) hatin' girl
St. Louie- St Louis
Da lou- St Louis
4 sho-For real

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