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Too Short - Badwayz: don't trust her lyrics

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Badwayz: don't trust her by Too Short

Who is your daddy? I am son now stop your fun hun it's my time to do the crim.
PaPaPa five shots at a time in your face so you will feel how it taste.
Im getting chased by the police if i get shot I'll rest in piece |rip|
I am the real gangsta and your just a old wanksta, pranksta. I got b**ches in
My living room getting it on 'cause my momma aint home till six in the mornig. Im
Waching porn at the morn --ing and your daddys horney talkin to a boy on the
Phoney.... So you a wanksta wanna be a gangsta I say you a pranksta. I'll kick
Your ass and you'll pass. I told you a million times to no do crimes !
So you can suck my dick you b**ch ass mass.

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