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Too Phat - Nasty girl lyrics

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Nasty girl by Too Phat

(Ku Tergoda) Hey! You's a classy girl
(Senyuman Manismu) Can you get nasty girl
(Ku Terpikat) Wanna get naughty yo' I'm down wit' it
(Kepadamu) If you back that thing up yo' I'm gon' hit it
Verse 1 (Joe Flizzow)
Yo, i make jams sure clubs gon' blast
Make em' freaks dance, lose g-strings fast
Yes i love as and flings that don't last
They call me a sophisticated thug like Rass Kass
Hey ma, looking like a million
Judging by the way you roam, is you half Italian?
Now my song be on, stir up the ambience
You my Destiny Child no need to look Beyond say
Whatchu wanna we can play how you wanna
No need to waste time and play virgin like Madonna
Me and you gon' hit town and paint red
And still keep it hiphop with throw ups and tags
Seen you up in mags you's a model right?
And you look mighty tight, walk like a model might
This Joe Dolomite now get ya' mind right
Me and B gon' get freaky tonight
Verse 2 (Joe Flizzow)
Now it's bout time we bring you a club banger
Show you to party in a hiphop manner
Call me hiphop santa come sit on my lap
Ask your friends to come over they can hang with my cats
While you can tell me if you're naughty lil' thing
No i can't read minds but i know what you're thinking
Nasty intentions now party with me
And by the end of the night you gon' leave prolly wit' me
And know exactly why they call me Big Joe
And why i've got gurlies lined up like corn-rows, skirts up like Monroe
Lined out my condo, they bend like elbows
(Freaky?) that's for sure
And at height of the night yeah i love 'em too
Just remember that you never gonna be my boo
You know how we do if you come too party
Joe Flow and Phase Too yo' we get rowdy...
Now throw ya' hands in the air
And wave 'em from wall to wall
Well if you like the sound and you having a ball
Join in and say i hear y'all
Verse 3 (Joe Flizzow)
(Where you be?) You know me up in the VIP
Or next to the DJ rock the P-AR-TY
The freaks i see, know they steady watching we
When we roll screw a dress code we walk in free
They say that probably he now check the kicks son
We don't bother with loafers we rocking Air Force One's
Rob yuppie fools for fun call their boo's
"Hey hun, come here girl screw your man i show you how it's done"

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