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Tony Lucca - Make It Alright lyrics

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Make It Alright by Tony Lucca

She got a sweet little smile in the mornin’
She got some fine kisses goodnight too.
She make it hard not to come home in the nighttime.
She make it easy to do the things I do.
She take her time when she makin’ sweet love, yeah.
She hold me tight in the night like a child.
She got a heart that’s beatin’ for me.
Yes I just wanna be
A drug in her veins runnin’ wild.
She’s like a blues tune-
She simply takes away my blues.
Soft or tender,
Can’t make her choose.
She make a dark day bright,
Like a hard day’s night.
My Angel if a night-light.
She make it alright.
She got a soft little whisper fillin’ up my ear.
She got a naughty little laughter that says it all.
She make the trouble and the pain,
Wash away like the rain.
She gonna catch her little baby if ever he fall.

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