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To-Mera - Dreadful Angel lyrics

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Dreadful Angel by To-Mera

She's not to be seen today;
Silent in me, doesn't scream
But there's a noise.
That's she.
Just Careful once again
While you're with me.
She's brave as you leave.
Please stay! Don't go; you love me!
Shield me! Save me! Love me bravely!
From the soul's core she descends
Screamingly blames, feverish madness.
She works as poison in me,
And falls asleep... rarely.
She lives inside and out
And when the moonlit night is white
She's delving into my mother's grave.
"You gave birth and died!"
She looks at me sometimes,
Tears the days away from my calendar.
It's up to her forever after, ever.
How far and where...forever, never...
You were sleeping when she arrived.
I stood naked in the night...
Strange fragrance drifted,
Cold breath touched my ears...
No one was here to save me from tears.
Flay yourself! Don't be defended by your skin
You are only raw meat; naked nerves!
Flay yourself! Foolish are all the ones
Who pride their skin;
The lying jail, raw meat of sins...

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