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The Cover Up Lyrics

by Tim Ripper Owens


The Cover Up Song Lyrics

The Cover Up by Tim Ripper Owens

They've seen you all around the world
Looking for chosen ones
I wonder if it's true, are they here
I see you looking up and trying to find the lights
Among the trillion stars, there is life somewhere
Look to the sky, they have arrived
They're here among us, for years they've survived
This hidden secret, what do they want
A governmental cover up
In 1947 they travel here to experiment
They crashed into the field, they would never leave
The alien nations here, I think it's gonna change
We must destroy them and save the human race


They are out here, it's not a dream
It's not a nightmare, can't hear your scream

Now we're looking all around the world
To find the aliens
And we will find them, they'll crash and burn
So you keep looking up and try to find the light
These beings are not our friend, this you'll learn

They are out there, they are out there
Can you see them, can you fell them

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