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Timbuk 3 - Reckless Driver lyrics

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Reckless Driver by Timbuk 3

You wonder why you drive me crazy
You don't watch the road signs baby
You never learned to stop at the light
You wonder why I get so uptight
The way you drive your automobile
You're the most dangerous thing on wheels
The way those wheels burn up the road
It's a wonder that they don't explode
Babe you're a reckless driver
Bound to be buried with your pride
& I'll be the sole survivor
Cause on the day you take your final ride
I won't be there by your side
Come rain, come hail, come sleet, come snow
You don't like to drive too slow
You're always in the passing lane
It's enough to drive me out of my brain
And so I wanna tell you right now
If you don't get some sense somehow
Those wheels will get you nowhere fast
& your next ride may be your last
Those mountain roads are narrow & steep
But you like to drive them in your sleep
The hand on the meter gets hot & sweaty
Sayin 85 & risin steady
Now some damn fool he's tryin to pass
But you're so cool you step on the gas
Now I must say babe you got nerve
Doin 99 around that curve

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