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The Greatest

by Timbit


The Greatest Song Lyrics

The Greatest by Timbit

Yo, I'm the most underrated
Everybody say they spitting fire like a dragon, nigga, watch me come and slay them
Coming from the basement
Double XL, man, I want the cover, there's no way that I'm not in the conversation
I don't have no patience unless it's patients from playing operation
I'm castrating anybody that's hating
I ain't tryna be famous
I'm just tryna make payments from what I'm making
I'm frustrated, 'bout to go Super Saiyan
And I'm causing mayhem when I rap
I got a coffin in the back
And if you talking then the coffin's where you at
I'm sick, I be coughing on the track
I'm exhausted from the raps
I'm tryna kick it with a broad that's on the map
sh*t, make her squirt like the hole that's in the dolphin on his back
I gotta be cautious on the track
And I've been to Boston, been in Austin, been in Compton and then back, where I'm at
It sounded like auction when I snap
Snapback and a backpack
Jean Vest with a fat patch
WTF Gang hashtag
I guess I'll smoke, nigga, pass that
Taking shots, duck, nigga, Aflac
Cash stacks no Kat Stacks
Never paying to smash that
If the ass fat then I treat her like a car
I be all in it, might take her on a trip
But before I drop it off I got a wax that
Finders is keepers, I'm all in they speakers, the word getting out
That boy Futuristic been spitting like he chew tobacco all up in his mouth
I don't need a deal, got a whip and a chain
And no, I'm not a slave in the south
I got a crib in LA and a crib in AZ, either way I been putting sh*t down
I'm the motherf**king greatest
I feel like Muhammad Ali, down goes Frazier
I'm the motherf**king greatest
I feel like Jordan in his prime, I feel like Magic Johnson 1980 Lakers
I'm the motherf**king greatest
Rap game Tony Hawk, I been on the roll like a skater
I'm the motherf**king greatest
Used to be a legend in the making, now I'm feeling like the greatest
Yo, I been snapping like a turtle
Dressed like I'm Urkel
They concerned about me going to commercial
Killing shows without rehearsal
If I'm before you, watch the dispersal
They commited to my lyrics, that's a verbal
Copying everything that I do but you paternal
p**sing on them like a urinal
I been popping like a kernel
I cut everyone out the circle
The only one who's in it like a gerbil
You spoiled niggas is looking kinda curdled (sheesh)
Crafted the style, these young rappers is jocking it
Made a brand, everything I wear, they be rocking it
Only difference is, I ain't copying it, I ain't washing it
I'm rocking it then throw it in the moshpit and watch it get crazy
They be boxing and tryna knock them, acknowledge it
These rappers is garbage, they all lacking confidence
Fishing for compliments, Futuristic predicting dominance
Since I was six and I was still out spitting to college kids
f**k boy, you a b**ch nigga
Leave your face Will Smith off of Hitch, nigga
Couldn't resist to write a diss
But when you saw all of my hits
You threw a fit ain't even put it out
Y'all don't make sense, nigga
I make dollars, you make cents, nigga
Get ate like chips and fish sticks, ya bish, that's Kendrick
Hit your b**ch like Chris did, coming at my neck
You gon' get removed like a cyst, nigga
I don't got time for no bullsh*t
I'm working and doing my thing
If a nigga got beef
And decide they should speak
Then I finish his ass like Liu Kang
There really ain't sh*t you could say
When you ain't getting paid in your lane
I am a created player, I put myself in the game people be screaming my name like I'm the lord

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