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Tiffany Hulse - The Ballad Of Captain Moody lyrics

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The Ballad Of Captain Moody by Tiffany Hulse

Captain Moody and his crew sailed into the “Rising Sun”.
With a crew of only a hundred men, and a hell of a lot less guns.
The cannons did thunder, jolly roger it flew.
They were swashbuckling pirates with nothing to lose.
[Verse 1]
South of the equator, the Captain sailed along.
Trusting his rusty compass, the charts they could be wrong.
Coral reefs he swayed and bowed, but promised not to quit.
The more they sailed, the more they loved the waves the bow did hit.

[Verse 2]
From the coast of Carolina, to the Gulf of Mexico.
No lives were spared, you’d walk the plank, whether you be friend or foe.
Batten down the hatches, a storm be coming soon.
Shipwrecked we’ll be upon the rocks at the gate of no return.
[Verse 3]
With parrot on his shoulder, and sword held in his hand.
Captain Moody led his men on foot up to the sand.
Fate it loves the fearless, just what the pirates were.
The life of a pirate will always be to pillage and plunder.

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