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Tiffany Hulse - Bimini Twist lyrics

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Bimini Twist by Tiffany Hulse

[Verse 1]
So you want a drink that'll make you hum?
A shot of coconut water and a lotta rum.
Take a slice of lime and squeeze it well,
And pour it all in to an old conch shell.
Not many know the drink exists,
But they never do resist, doing the Bimini Twist.
[Verse 2]
Tie your line the best way you know.
Hook your bait, and cast it slow.
Be patient; yeah, just give it time,
And soon you'll see them swimming down the ol' coastline.
The waters ripple with tons of fish.
You know, you'll hardly ever miss, doing the Bimini Twist.
The Bimini Twist is something to see
Baby, that's where you'll find me.
Shaking it left, and casting out right,
And kicking back a few at the bar tonight.
So come with me, and we'll free our souls,
And, let the good times roll!
Yeah let the good times roll!
[Verse 3]
Get out of your seat, and kick off your shoes,
What's the worst thing that can happen, you've got nothing to lose.
Just move your hips, you can't go wrong,
And dance with your baby all night long.
About this night, you're sure to reminisce.
My friend, I must insist, you do the Bimini Twist.

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