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Three 6 Mafia - Dancin' on a pole lyrics

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Dancin' on a pole by Three 6 Mafia

Chorus X2: You like that?(I like that) You want that?(I want that).
Apple bottom booty, nice rack with a fat cat.
Dance like you dancin' on a pole(How you like that?)
Now dance like you dancin' on a pole(How you like that?)
Refrain #1: Come on, hang out with the Juice-man, cuz im yo nigga.
I can even last longa, and my pants is biggaa.
Ain't no choosy type dude, I'll take a dark skinna,
Or that girl on BET, that be hostin' with tigaa.
It don't matta to a playa, cuz i'm icy to the toe,
And when I walk outside, i can jump up in the rolls.
I see ya dancin' in the club, like you strippin' off your clothes.
You need to hit me on my chur, cuz you allready chose.
Now can a man get choooose in these kinda cloooothes?
I run uo in the back, hoes dancin' on a pole
The bar's on me but just for my dogs
Cuz a lot of these niggas be savin' they brawds
Look at every nigga tryna tip the b**ch
And when she ain't payin' sh*t
You wanna whoop the b**ch
So please listen to my words
It's 100% thug
Yo pimpin you can't take it
Stay out the strip club
I need a hoe...
2 get down and wont break baaack
And bring back dat of dat caaat
See i aint go be actin maaad
Cause she have to twurk dat aazz
You can bring it dead in yo baaack
You see i got a dank did daaat
See money don't grow too faaast
Don't think slow baby just think faaast
If i ws a dog wit it
Mane she poppin long wit it
Chrome Coleoin
Tryin to see
Can we all hit it
Hell yea i like dat
Standin wit ya nice rack
Apple Bottom booty
Wit the thong showin out of dat
Shorty she's a bad chick
Nothin like an average
On the real dog
Mane i think i gotta have it
New Three 6 Mafia
Most Known Unknown
Its goin down
(music fade)

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