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Thor's Hammer - The Fate Worse Than Death lyrics

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The Fate Worse Than Death by Thor's Hammer

Like a witch over the cauldron
They prepare the mortal poison
To destroy the health and strength
And turn the beauty into filth...
The adder laying on the throne
Under the sign of hexagram.
Hatred and evny in her glance
Death-wish for all of noble kind...
To make all people equal ones
Is nightmare of the poisoned mind
To destroy man' s identity
Is to make him hopeless slave...
We' ve been spilling our blood
Since we appeared on this planet
For glorious victory and survival
For eternal pride of heritage...
All wars we started made us stronger
Although great warriors went away,
But their blood runs in our veins
And instinct tells we' re born to reign.
But with the peace the plague has come
Consumption made most of us blind
And adders whispers to your ears:
"The black is just another white"...
And so the culture shakes and falls,
But from the ashes monster arise:
Community of rootless ones
People who can' t say what they are..
This is the fate worse than death,
The crime against evolution.
The race of purity and pride
Becomes the lower form of life.

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