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Thorazine - Injecting Utopia lyrics

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Injecting Utopia by Thorazine

I am your dealer
I'll numb your pain
I'll tell you what you need
My truth you'll crave
My wrath is coming
I'll take your reigns
Taste my Venom
Inside your veins
I'll take your future
In just one hit
Turn what you once held dear
Into shit
I am your preacher
Your way to god
Once you take me in
All hope is lost
You let me poison; Create holes
Once you've chosen I'll take control
I'll bring pleasure for all your pain
You'll always crave me inside your veins
Take me inside
Controlling your system
The pleasure you find
Distorting your vision
I am the One
You call your master
Cravings in your veins
Will call out
Lies, Taken inside
You want me all your life
I won't hide
Calling out your name
You're insane
Forever you will crave
My Domain
To take away your pain

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