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Thirstbusters - Soldier's Last lyrics

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Soldier's Last by Thirstbusters

Trapped in war
Don't know what I'm fighting for
I'm sure these words been said before
But I wonder will heaven open up the door
Can I bring myself to kill a man
What about 10 things God command
Just eighteen but the things I've seen... Damn
Yo it's hard to think I'm helping when
The people think I'm hurting them
Orphan on the street and homeless been
Given up not givin' in
So I try to stay up
Keep my spirits high
But who gives a heck
If we all gonna die
Mamma knows me
But she don't know why
I couldn't call back
No I couldn't make her cry no
This is for you, momma
And I don't wanna lie, I'd a told the truth
How the heck is this hellhole fit for youth
Old enough to die, not old enough to drink
Old enough to kill, am I old enough to think
Why can't we just get along
I know united we'd be strong
In this power game I play the pawn
This is our world and the Right is wrong
To the three corporate pigs and the big bad Wolfowitz
Just a number going under can't believe that it's
Not that blunt for real
Quiet on the western front it's a feeling
That I get rush of blood to the head
And so my legs, rushin' straight ahead
Wanna go home, lie warm in bed
'Cause it's 3 am and I'm hearing the dead no!
They talking to me and the mountains have eyes
Watching me as I try to survive, stay alive
'Cause I'm just afraid of dying
So damn hard but I can't stop trying
People never know how to think about what they got
'Til it's time to go and by then it's just an afterthought
Need work, but what's the cost
Signed up "Try One" and got stop-lossed
Been three years of extended term
Face to face with death you learn
A new reality, a new mentality
Lost in this land of no return
Beat the drums of Democracy,
'Til either freedom comes or hypocrisy
Democratic imperialism?
Right, like pragmatic materialism, what?
I'm a patriot - Red, white, and blue
But Americans ain't got a clue
I see a child and I wish we knew
That the enemy got family too
Convinced that you are in the right
Label terrorists and want me to fight
Getting older, so absurd
A soldier spits his last words

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