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The Vladimirs - Sheila Is A Vampire lyrics

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Sheila Is A Vampire by The Vladimirs

There is this girl that i know, She is like none other girl
She's set aside, at least in my mind. She seems to control my world
And when she walks into the room, my heart falls down and bleeds
A seductive glance set in her eyes stares directly back into mine
Her raven hair sails in the air when the wind comes passing by
She's always dressed in black, she's got the palest face
And when she's set in mind, my thoughts take off and race
‘Cause Sheila is a vampire
Always dressed in black and into the night
She's got the palest skin, i want my blood to touch her lips
I know what Sheila is
Black velvet veil, black fingernails
See how they scraped and dug
Snakes in her eyes, in between her thighs
She kisses me with a forked tongue
And then she slithers in , the black and red lights flash
Her mouth is open wide, her tongue adores my gash
I know this girl that lives far away, she won't be found here in the day
She lives at night when the moon is bright, or when the sky is grey
And when she seeps into my world, my heart lays down and bleeds
Seductive glances we both shall give as darkness comes pourin' in
She comes alive here in my room, she's always dressed in black
She's got the palest face
And when the candles burn, becomes our meeting place

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