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The Time - Grace lyrics

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Grace by The Time

.... Hi. I'm Bridgette Harrington and I'm here to interview Morris Day, lead singer of THE TIME.
.... Mr. Day, How are you?
Need you ask?
.... I'll take it that you're fine.
Yes, I've been told that.
.... Oh, OK. Tell me. Are you really so cool?
Is money green?
.... When did you first notice your coolness?
I didn't. The doctor did.
You see, most people were born in birthday suits. I was born in a zute suit.
.... You got to be joking.
Baby, I ain't got time for jokes. What time is it anyway?
.... It's time for us to continue this interview.
.... How does THE TIME go about generating such a funky sound?
Pardon me. I know you didn't say "funk.".
.... Well?
Let me just say one thing. Funk is dead.
Funk is something you can learn in school and ain't nothing funky about being cool, ... Grace.
.... OK, but my name is Bridgette.
Oh I'm sorry, ... Grace.
.... It seems your image has a lot to do with your approch to music.
.... Your clothes for example.
My clothes, f**k. Hold it.
Let me, let let me just say something to all the fellas out there.
Take off them blue jeans and them "New Wave" clothes and go get you some "Baggies."
It's about the freedom, right?
In other words, stay at the hotel with the biggest ballroom.
Don't get me wrong. Some of my best friends wear blue jeans.
I'm just not ever seen them in it.
What time is it?
.... Why are you concerned with the time?
'Cause I got somewhere to go.
.... Where's that?
To the Cork, Johnny.
.... I told you my name is Bridgette.
Sorry, Nella.
.... I don't think I like you at all.
.... Is there anything else you would like to say before we close this interview?
What's your phone number?
.... Uuh! - 7..., 7..., 7..., 9..., 3..., 1..., 1.
Ain't nobody bad like me?

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