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The Suicide Machines - 95% Of The World Is Third World lyrics

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95% Of The World Is Third World by The Suicide Machines

I am a common man, I use common words.
This is no manifesto, this is no propaganda.
95% of the world is third world.
Take a look around, you might not like what you see.
Yeah we're all comfortably living in a privileged society
Open up your mind and think outside of the box,
Yeah, it's just a case of ignorance and benevolence.
America's a privileged society.
When it comes to other countries, we don't see the cultural beauty.
We see famine, death, disease, poverty and war
which almost always involves US military.
That is what most US citizens know about other countries,
is what they see on CNN and other television programming.
And yet here in our own country, unemployment is at an all-time high,
and thousands of businesses have gone bankrupt.
Just look around, how many buildings do you see empty and policed?
and here in America, disease, poverty and famine DO exist.
And it's not just in our ghettos anymore,
it's now become a struggle for the middle-class to survive.
Maybe if the poor in America had something for corporations
and our government to profit off of (like oil),
Maybe then they would take an interest in problems here in America,
or maybe they would just bomb us...

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